Feb.10th. 2018. We introduce new models of Receptor anti-vibration platforms

The bodies of Platform Number Two and Number One gained a new anti-vibration layer – medium hard, which has come to the existing two – soft and hard. The thickness of the bodies increased from 6.6 cm to 8.4 cm. The improvement of resolution, location and separation is very clear.

Previous bodies, used in Number Three, Two and One are now offered only in the Number Three.

Platforms Number Two and Number One have a common, new body. They differ only in the feet under the body: Number Two has ball feet (such as above, but without caps), and Number One has magnetic feet (levitation on the air cushion). Small platform 35×35 cm has 4 small feet (less capacity – up to 15 kg), medium platform 45×40 cm has 4 large feet (up to 20 kg) and the large platform 55×45 cm has 6 large feet (up to 30 kg).

P2-3s P1-3s