konekt 4-5s     During the development of the Holophony loudspeakers, looking for the best possible internal wiring, I made a few crucial discoveries concerning the construction of audio cables. Since from the very beginning of my audiophile passion I was aware of the great influence of cables on the quality of sound, I immediately began intensive research. Thousands hours of work resulted in hundreds of prototypes of interconnects, power cables and speaker cables. And the prototypes of loudspeaker cables just became the greatest revelation for me. Over the years I spent more than 25.000 EUR for the highest models of such brands as Nordost, Transparent Audio, Siltech, Van den Hull, Kondo, Heaven’s Gate and Symphony. Only thanks to the DreamLink speaker cables I realized what sound-blockers all those famous products were and I understood that speaker cables belong to the most important components in the system (perhaps due to the longest distance the signal has to transit). On the second place in terms of impact on the sound I put power cables, especially at the front end – i.e., power cables for a CD player / transport , DAC, computer or turntable. 

The DreamLink cables are made of copper and have sets of carefully selected ferrite filters suppressing electromagnetic interference at different frequencies.. I do not give other details of their construction, because – as in the case of the Holophony – I’m not going to dazzle customers with marketing technobabble, so commonly used by the competition. I believe that only one’s own, critical and comparative listening counts, and I strongly encourage this  – Cezariusz Andrejczuk

The DreamLink Number One cables are uncompromising products necessary in systems of State-of-the-art class. However, buying the extremely transparent Number One cables to the system of too low a class doesn’t make sense because they won’t sound in it better than the 3 times cheaper Number Three cables. Therefore by default we advise the purchase of the cheapest cables Number Three or Four and to more expensive systems – the Number Two.

The DreamLink Number Two cables are addressed to owners of systems in which the cost of the set of the Number One cables would be disproportionately high in proportion to the remaining elements of the path.

The DreamLink Number Three cables have excellent value for money, not only in the Avatar Audio offer. Not knowing the class of the customer’s system we usually advise purchasing the Number Three.

The DreamLink Number Four cables are very attractively priced products destined for owners of less expensive systems. Although they cost a fraction of the price of top models, they retain many of their best qualities. These cables are a real entrance to High-End.