“Ever since I knowingly listened to music my dream was the sound completely detached from the loudspeakers, the sound which would create an illusion of live voices and instruments suspended in the space before the listener, with emotions of musicians, with vibrations of strings and membranes which I experienced at concerts. After 20 years of continuous experimentation I fulfilled my dream.  I have found out that Hi-Fi gear could be so transparent and “inaudible” that  listeners can be virtually moved to the very room in which the recording was made and  can feel such an overwhelming presence of musicians as if they had in front of them their…Avatars. Now I would like to share this experience with you “ – Cezariusz Andrejczuk,  designer of AVATAR AUDIO Passion driven.


     Achieving such an effect was possible thanks to moving over 50 years back in time to the era when Quality (high-sensitivity speakers with ultralight paper diaphragms and a few-Watt SET amps)  had not been yet abandoned for Quantity  (several dozen/hundred Watts speakers and solid-state amplifiers). The HOLOPHONY Be touched loudspeakers with the original drivers from the 50’s and 60’s of the 20th century, having a power rating of only 15-20W are uncompromising implementation of the idea “advantage Quality over Quantity”. They have an enormous sensitivity of 95-98 dB, so they can be driven by a few-Watt   tube amps, which also implement the rule: low power = low distortion = the highest quality.

     In order to ensure the best possible internal wiring for loudspeakers, we started working on cables. Thousands hours of research and discoveries made in the course of experiments made it possible to create the DREAMLINK Power the music  – top class audiophile cables, which re-define the concept of transparency.

     Then the time came for research on anti-vibration materials. It turned out that the effective isolation of a system’s components from the vibration of the base and reducing their own internal vibrations is one of the main conditions for getting a State-of-the-Art sound. Thus, we developed the RECEPTOR Feel the sound   anti-vibration accessories: isolation feet, cable stands and platforms which use the magnetic levitation effect.

Looking for the appropriate class sound source we wanted to go beyond the excellent-sounding, but repertoire-limited analog media: tape and vinyl. Our hardware- and software-optimized computer LIVEBIT Let it flow  is the source of hi-res files and the CD transport which “livens” digital sound and closely approaches it to analog exemplar.



     Our loudspeakers, cables, platforms and computer form the basis of Avatar Audio System, which we annually present at the Audio Show in Warsaw.  In 2013  – probably for the first time in history of similar events – the showroom was properly (i.e. completely) soundproofed. In combination with unusually transparent sound (i.e. free of commonly encountered coloration and compression), it could cause a cognitive shock.

    First abroad presentation of the Avatar Audio System took place on 7-8 February 2015 at Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage in Hamburg and was enthusiastically received by the audience:


     AVATAR AUDIO Passion Driven products have been created for the most demanding customers who:

– often visit concert halls and jazz clubs and  are familiar with live, acoustic sound;

– are mature and  conscious listeners, seeking above all the natural sound of voices and instruments that  reflect the emotions of musicians;

– are “driven by passion” rather than by fashion, rankings and ads;

–  are resistant to design glitz typical for audiophile products whose housing is often the only high-end component;

– are bold and independent, and can recognize and appreciate innovative products, unformatted by the market.