The Holophony Number Four are bookshelf loudspeakers made of 25-mm MDF (exotic wood is available at an extra charge).  The patches of black felt are locally glued  to prevent sound reflections that degrade its timbre and deforms the soundstage

Number Four has two-way configuration, but is able to reproduce the full frequency range, even in low tones. It has 7 dB lower sensitivity than higher models, but is able to handle more power (20W instead of 15W). All specifications are given in the table Pricelist.

Included in the set are isolation feet (Receptor Number One), there are no stands.







There is a version of the housing covered with flock, which is a soft velvet fabric, which absorbs 100% sound reflections. On request we make every colour of the housing:

H4-18s H4-16s