.Stopki 1-1s

      Ball pads are one of the most active isolation feet, sounding better than hard spikes, spring feet and soft rubber or sorbothane pads. They improve the operation of each element of the path: the electronics, speakers and even power distributor.

A set of Receptor Feet Number One consists of 3 discs and 3 balls. The discs are made of our company material that supresses the vibrations exeptionally well. On the bottom there is a very effective anti-vibration soft material. The balls are made of hardwood selected after testing 9 exotic wood species.  In total the Feet No.1 have three layers damping vibrations of different frequencies.

The disc height is 20 mm; disc diameter is 48 mm, ball diameter is 24 mm, total height is 35 mm. 


Stopki 1-2s

.Stopki 1-4s