Ball pads are one of the most active isolation feet, sounding better than hard spikes, spring feet and soft rubber or sorbothane pads. They improve the operation of each element of the path: the electronics, speakers and even power distributor.

A set of Receptor Feet Number Three consists of 6 aluminum discs (3 bases and 3 lids) with anti-vbration material on the bottom and 3 ceramic balls. We tested many kinds of ceramic balls and choose the best one. The disc height is 12 mm; disc diameter is 40 mm; ball diameter is 9.5mm; total height is 26 mm.

There are two color versions available: silver (natural aluminum) and black (coated aluminum).



The metal lid weakens anti-vibration performance of the pad, so is best to place the equipment directly on balls. We add however the second disc as a lid because it may be needed in three cases:

1. in loudspeakers the lid protects the underside from denting by the small and hard ceramic ball;

2. in equipment with feet higher than 20 mm the height of one disc with the ball is insufficient; it is necessary to set two discs together and put the ball on them.

3.  (light) equipment standing on the cabinet when pushed would slide off the balls alone.


stopki 3-5s