Platforms are the best of our anti-vibration accessories, they damp vibrations more efficiently than the Isolation Feet themselves. We offer platforms in three sizes: small 35×35 cm, medium 45×40 cm and large 55x45cm; on request any size is available. The standard colour of the platform is graphite, on request we can make them in any colour, eg only dark-graphite. Platforms have brass plates with the logo on the front and back or only back (your choice).

Platforms are made of 2 or 3 kinds of anti-vibration material and are equipped with ball feet or magnetic feet. No.1 has magnetic feet underneath and on top. No.2  has magnetic feet underneath and ball feet on top. No.3 has two sets of ball feet. No.4 have only one set of ball feet, underneath. The body of Platform No. 3 consists of two types of material (hard and soft), bodies of Platform No. 1, 2 and 3 are made of three types (hard, medium and soft) .

P3-7sPlatform Number Three consists of 5 layers. The two outer layers are made of our hard anti-vibration material. In the middle is a layer of medium-hard wood, separated from the rest of two layers of soft antivibration material. The platform is placed on three ball feet. The feet  have no caps, balls drop into the recesses on the bottom of the platform.

The thickness of the body is 6,8 cm, the height of the set is 13.8 cm. The weight of the body is 6,5 kg (small), 9,4 kg (medium) or 13,1 kg (large).

The upper set of feet can be used with or without covers; we put the equipment on the balls themselves, which usually gives the best effect:

Platforma 3-5m Platforma 2-8s