Platforms are the best of our anti-vibration accessories, they damp vibrations more efficiently than the Isolation Feet themselves. We offer platforms in three sizes: small 35×35 cm, medium 45×40 cm and large 55x45cm; on request any size is available. Platforms are made of our company’s anti-vibration material and are equipped with  ball feet or magnetic feet.

Platform No.4 is a monolayer construction and three higher models consist of 5 layers. Platforms No.4 and No.3 have one sets of ball feet underneath. No.2 has two sets of ball feet. No.1 has magnetic feet underneath and ball feet on the top.


Platforma 3-1s.

   Platform Number Three consists of 5 layers: there are 2 layers of soft anti-vibration material between the 3 layers of our hard anti-vibration material. The platform is placed on three ball feet No.1.  The feet  have no caps, balls drop into the recesses on the bottom of the platform:

Platforma spod s


The thickness of the platform itself is 6,6 cm, the height of the set is 9,2 cm. It’s worth to put a Receptor Weight on the equipment as well:

Platforma 3-2s

The standard colour of the platform is dark-graphite with ruby in the middle. On request we can make them in any colour, eg only dark-graphite.
It is also possible version without plate on the front, the rear plate remains only:

Platforma 3-4s

Platforma 3-5s