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The highest model of the loudspeakers, the Holophony Number One, is an uncompromising design, made of the best available components produced mainly in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s of the 20th century. The whole structure is made without soldering, because at this level, even one drop of tin degrades the sound. One of the most important elements is a phenomenal midrange driver from the 1950’s with the lightest 20-centimeter diaphragm in history (5 grams), and what follows is an unrivaled resolution, speed and precision. We chose it from over 20 similar drivers produced at that time, and development of its filtration (obtaining the optimum range of the bandwith) took 2 years.

The cabinet of Number One consist of 4 units and is made from exotic wood (merbau). The patches of black felt are locally glued  to prevent sound reflections that degrade its timbre and deforms the soundstage, Basic specifications are given in the Pricelist section.

 From Number Two top model differs by better wiring and components in the the crossover and a slightly different version of the subwoofer. All these elements result in an increase in resolution, and therefore more credible, tangible stage (separation, location) and a more natural color. But this is not a huge difference; It has meaning only in very high-end systems.
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