Once the Avatar Audio system achieved sufficiently high resolution, it turned out that the effective isolation of the system’s components from the vibration of the base and reducing their internal vibration are probably the most important condition of getting a State-of-the-Art sound. Our product lineup include anti-vibration RECEPTOR accessories: cable stands, weights, ball pads and platforms which use the magnetic levitation effect.

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Cable Stands protect the signal inside the wires from the adverse impact of the deformed electromagnetic field around the cable when it lies on the flooor. They also izolate cable from static electricity and vibrations coming from the floor. Futhermore they supress the vibrations inside the cable. They bring the strongest effect when put under power cables and speaker cables due to the large surface area of their contact with the floor. They also improve the work of USB cables and interconnects. We recommend using 7-9 stands in the system.


Anti-vibration Weight placed on equipment reduces its susceptibility to vibrations coming from the ground, absorbs vibrations of the housing and increases the effectiveness of anti-vibration pads and platforms. In the case of light equipment set on a platform with magnetic stands the weight is necessary for proper operation (deflection) of magnets.


Ball Pads are one of the most active anti-vibration accessories and, what is more, one of the cheapest. They are incomparably better than both hard spikes and soft rubber or sorbothane pads, improving the operation of each element of the path: the electronics, speakers and even power distributor.

The Pad No.1, No.2 and No.3 consists of two equal discs (base and lid) and a ball. The Pad No.4 hasn’t the second disc (lid). The lid weakens anti-vibration performance of the pad, so is best to place the equipment directly on balls. We add however the second disc as a lid because it may be needed in three cases:
1. in loudspeakers the lid protects the underside from denting by the small and hard ceramic ball;
2. in equipment with feet higher than 20 mm the height of one disc with the ball is insufficient; it is necessary to set two discs together and put the ball on them.
3.  (light) equipment standing on the cabinet when pushed would slide off the balls alone.

Pads No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 are available in two colors: black and silver, No. 4 only in silver. Balls in the pads are made of exotic wood (No. 1), our company’s material (No. 2) or ceramic (No. 3 and No. 4).


Platforms are the best of our anti-vibration accessories, they damp vibrations even more efficiently than the ball pads. We offer platforms in three sizes: small 35×35 cm, medium 45×40 cm and large 55x45cm; on request any size is available.  The thickness of the platform itself is 5.7 cm, the height of the set is approx. 16 cm (No.1), 14 cm (No.2), 11 cm (No.3) or 8 cm (No.4), the mass of a set ranges from 4 kg to 16 kg. Standard colors are ruby ​​and grey-brown, on request we offer any color.

Platforms are made of our company’s anti-vibration material and are equipped with magnetic stands or ball pads. No.1 has magnetic stands underneath and on top. No.2  rests on magnetic stands and has ball pads on the tops. No.3 has two sets of ball pads. No.4 has only one set of ball pads, underneath.

The magnetic stands are raising the equipment on an air cushion (magnetic levitation); to work, should be properly weighted (must bend, but not settle). The small platforms have smaller stands with weaker magnets, the medium and large platforms – bigger stands with stronger magnets. Depending on the weight of equipment we apply three or four stands. Too light equipment should be ballasted from above with Receptor Weight or lead weights. Under the equipment we put the stands in such places so that they balance uneven distribution of weight of the unit, then move stands until they will be bent equally.